All topics can be run as workshops, webinars and retreats, tailored  for businesses, therapists and communities, which will be available after lockdown (Main themes below).  If you’d like an online version during lockdown or later, either for a group or as a 1-1, please book a call here  

 Breathe with Ease interactive online classes for health, calm and fitness (Mondays and and Thursdays)
During lockdown, just £5 per household.

With healthy lungs and immune system being top of the agenda at the moment, and reducing stress levels not far behind, you can enjoy 45 minute Optimal Breathing classes as video calls for the first time!

For people with conditions such as anxiety, asthma, high blood pressure, stress and related conditions, learning to breathe really well is one of the simplest, most powerful things to improve health and feel more relaxed.  Athletes benefit significantly too – more oxygen with less effort.

As an ex-asthmatic who got her life back, literally, by changing my breathing habits, I’m passionate about helping you breathe in a way that is what YOUR body wants and needs to function well. I have spent years refining a gentle toolkit combining the clinically proven Buteyko Breathing Method with relaxation and awareness techniques.

We start with an understanding of how breathing works, and getting a base-line of how YOU are breathing.  What muscles you’re using, speed and frequency, and what changes with activity.  

You will learn simple but powerful exercises tailored to what you need, and are able to do, that are adjusted as you improve. This is something you are taught, and need to practice until healthy breathing becomes your body’s new normal.   My clients refer to it as the Jentler way to wellness. 

Ask about workshops, training for therapists, and personal programmes.

BOOKING LINKS:  (you should be able to see your local time when you click the links.)

Mondays 11am UK Time Click to book HERE

Thursday 7pm UK Time Click to Book HERE


Self-care: nurturing workshops and retreats 
Ideal for busy professionals, parents and carers.

* REFRESH your spirit

* RENEW your energy

* RECLAIM your boundaries

* RE-SOURCE yourself

Looking after yourself effectively is essential if you are to have the resources to give anything to others. This is a wonderful opportunity to create a practical framework of self-care so you can enjoy your life more AND be more effective at work and home.

This is a chance to tap into your own values and tailor a self-care programme that works for you.  Once you understand how to get your needs met effectively and strengthen your mind-body connection in simple, gentle ways, life improves.

During this richly layered 6 hour workshop you will:

*  Discover the value of resilience – feeling great as you make a difference!

*  Recognise the signs of impending exhaustion, LONG before they affect you

*  Avoid the negative rapport trap – discover how to create a truly healthy rapport, rather than being drained

*  Create a dynamic state that empowers you AND those around you effortlessly

*  Build your energy and resources with simple use anytime techniques

*  Create new boundaries based on your values, and learn how to ensure they are honoured (this may mean saying no!)

Dynamic communication – rapport, assertiveness and influence

Building quality relationships and getting your message across feels great.  No matter where you start on this,  there are some simple principles to enhance your communication skills to make life easier and make you even more effective in every interaction.

Your beliefs, your emotional state, your values, intentions and the thoughts in your head – your internal communication – is where it all starts.    How we make sense of the world, and respond to the people in it, is mostly habit, so it’s available for an upgrade by paying attention differently. 

There are short-cuts to relaxing and thinking clearly at will.  Discover how simple it can be to change how you feel, by playing with different ways to access memories, update beliefs, move, and more.   Quiet your inner critic and get access to your inner solution source!     

Knowing your own communication style and how it impacts others is really powerful.   You may already be familiar with terms like assertive, passive, aggressive.   What about visual, auditory kinesthetic, academic?  It’s ok, you don’t need to get technical, but recognising these patterns naturally is priceless! 

Recognising how others think from their verbal and body language patterns will give you a huge head start on being heard and understood.   Explore the subtle impacts of your own tone of voice, gestures and language patterns on communication with people who have different learning styles to your own.   You can create healthy rapport when you pay attention to what people are seeking.  That enables you to influence with integrity, creating dynamic change.

Available as  webinars, 1 or 2 day workshops.


The Empowered Healer – 8 week programme for therapists and light-workers (via video call/groups in Letchworth)

REMEMBER: The more you have, the more you can give!

Do you ever:

  • Feel physically or mentally drained after a session?
  • Start to dread seeing a particular (or indeed any) client?
  • Feel as if you’ve taken on at least part of your client’s problems?
  • Think about them in the middle of the night?
  • Feel you’re not being paid what you’re worth?
  • Wonder how to help more people without being exhausted?

A high proportion of therapists experience exhaustion after dealing with certain clients. And sometimes when dealing with friends and family members. If you’ve ever related to the term ‘dealing with energy vampires’ and wondered if that was really the issue, then this is the course for you.

It’s all too easy to allow empathy and connection to create a less than healthy rapport. Quite unconsciously you might find yourself matching body language, speech patterns, voice tones, energy, emotions and even points of view, of someone. The more intensely ‘negative’ they feel, the more they are likely to impact on you.Being very detached is possible, but both you and the client will lose a lot in the process. So how to create a healthy balance and keep you energised?

* Build a powerful, resourceful state that will be valuable in every area of your life. Learn how to make that state available at will! Great for you, and a real asset to be able to teach your clients too.

* Learn to use positive, and above all healthy, rapport deliberately – matching only the neutral and healthy elements of your client’s physiology, energy state and language.

* Find out how ‘pace and lead’ enables you to naturally empower your client to experience a better state subtly and effortlessly.

* Create healthy boundaries in your work and life, based on your personal values.

* Recognise the warning signals so you can turn things around – fast!

* Discover how to recognise the most subtle signals from clients – become even more effective with less effort.

* Know your ideal client and how to reach them.  If you focus on serving them, it will be so much better for you both!



Reiki Training

Reiki is one of the simplest and most effective methods of energy healing.

Suitable for all ages and helpful for a wide range of conditions, Reiki is relaxing, soothing and a boost for the body’s natural healing processes. There is increasing scientific evidence of the value of Reiki (and related modalities) and no particular belief, or any religious affiliation is required.

I’ve been using Reiki for myself and others for over 25 years, and teaching for 18.  I wouldn’t be without it, as it gives me a boost every day – more energy, less stress, reduced pain.

LEVEL 1 Training – upcoming training 21st and 22nd September 2019 Reiki 1 workshop

If you’re ready to have access to Reiki all day every day, a natural healing energy that will uplift you physically and spiritually, this is the workshop for you.

The use of Reiki healing gently stimulates the body’s immune system, promotes the natural comfort of endorphin response, and generally soothes pain and inflammation, while reducing stress. Emotional and spiritual benefits are common. Healing occurs at whatever level the person is ready for. And belief is not required.

Details HERE

LEVEL 2 (Level 1 certificate plus minimum 6 months’ use prerequisite ) Training allows you to provide Reiki at a professional level, ideal in association with massage, reflexology etc.  Of course, you can just enjoy the additional personal and spiritual development for your own use.

MASTERY (Level 2 certificate plus minimum 12 months’ regular use with clients) – 2 weekends over 3 months. Dates TBA An increased level of personal and spiritual development along with practical teaching skills allowing you to train others if you so wish. Dates TBA