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Self-nurturing kit (download pack)


Downloadable self-nurturing kit created by Jen Tiller

* 3 guided visualisations for calm and to support healing –  over an hour altogether
*  Rainbow book of questions – virtual journal for mental clarity
* “I Love…..” Affirmations for a life worth living (illustrated e-book with hundreds of empowering affirmations to lift your spirits, calm your mind and boost your well-being)
* 5 printable posters of some of the most popular sets of Illustrated Affirmations from the book
* Series of short videos on optimal breathing for calm and health
* ebook on Optimal Breathing Essentials
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Self-nurturing kit!
created by Jen Tiller

1.   Three deeply relaxing guided visualisations supporting healthy mind and body.  

Use any of them as a conscious meditation (sitting upright on a firm surface usually helps you to stay focused) or as a deep relaxation to calm you and potentially take you into peaceful sleep.  Please only listen somewhere it is safe to close your eyes and possibly nod off – NOT while driving!  Each one has layers of sound your conscious mind can wander between – water sounds, music, bells, bird song, and Jen’s voice taking you into a peaceful, tranquil state.  Soothing your mind and relaxing your body supports your unconscious mind to balance and heal, calms your breathing, supports your immune system and help you build a loving relationship with yourself.

The three titles are:

* Dolphin Dreaming – walking on a beach, swimming with dolphins, followed by a visit to your inner wisdom
* Energy Clearing and Chakra Balancing – working with your energy centres (chakras) to clear and cleanse and harmonise your energy system
* Universe Journey –  enabling you to relax deeply and connect with the vast energy of the universe and your inner healing ability

These are 3 separate files, totalling just over an hour.

2.  ‘I love…. Affirmations for a life worth living’ is a unique e-book that will enhance your use of affirmations forever: 

Download your book of beautifully illustrated sets of affirmations on the important topics in our lives, including Confidence, Relationships, Health and Abundance, plus the principles of creating your own!  Jen’s photographs add a great visual ‘anchor’ to each set.  

Each affirmation is phrased so that even when you are stretching yourself to create what you want you never have that uncomfortable feeling that maybe you’re just lying to yourself.  That ensures it is easy to align yourself with your purpose, and your unconscious mind and spirit can get on with helping you see the opportunities all around you.  BONUS: 5 printable posters of some of the most popular affirmations sets from the book

3. Your virtual, illustrated journal:  The Rainbow Book of Questions

Download this wonderful way to get started or go deeper with personal development journaling!    Each page is colouful, and has questions to explore that will prompt inner exploration in a totally positive way.  You can simply use the questions to meditate on, type your thoughts about them into the journal or print it out and hand-write into it.  This combination is especially useful if you are inclined to go blank looking at an empty white page. 

4. Set of 5 short videos on healthy breathing to relax you, improve oxygenation and boost your immune system. 

Practical and simple, and particularly important if you’re experiencing symptoms of anxiety, asthma, muscle tension or high blood pressure!  (Yes, clinically proven!)

5. BONUS 50% discount to the first session or package you book after purchase.   Email me on with the included voucher and we’ll arrange it.

Would you like to work with Jen Tiller (me) in person with a tailored package?  This could include your choice of:

Calm, confidence and clarity boost sessions
Breathing with Ease (ideal for anyone struggling with anxiety or asthma)
Reiki training
Thriving as a therapist – stopping the energy drain
Healing your history

If that idea lights you up, then use your 50% discount voucher for any combination of video calls, programmes, and (once we’re back to normal post-Corona Virus) in-person sessions, workshop places and even VIP days at Champney’s. Yes, you can use it as many times as you like for paid bookings made before  April, even if they are for dates after that! (Normal booking and cancellation conditions apply).

Love, light and laughter,
Jen Tiller
The Breathing Coach
Founder of Healerzone Academy
Ex-asthmatic and ex-agoraphobic.
Advanced training in NLP, EFT, Reiki, hypnosis, Buteyko Breathing, plus a lifetime of experience dealing with stuff!

Please note that all content is the original work of Jen Tiller – words, design and photography.  If you want to share any elements, or use any of this content elsewhere, please get in touch to discuss equitable options.



Self-nurturing kit (download pack)