With healthy lungs and immune system being top of the agenda at the moment, and reducing stress levels not far behind, there has never been a better time to improve your breathing. Learning to breathe really well AS A HABIT is one of the simplest, most powerful things to improve health and feel more relaxed. 

Did you know that breathing too much puts a serious strain on the system? If you’ve ever blown up too many balloons, you know how rapidly you can feel pretty awful!

If you (or someone you care about) live with anxiety, asthma, high blood pressure, stress and related conditions, breathing more than you need can quickly lead to serious symptoms. It all becomes a cycle that self-maintains.
Quick check list – do you ever

* wheeze, sneeze, cough, snore, mouth breathe
* feel anxious and overwhelmed
* have chronic health issues or life-challenges that require more energy than you have?
Symptoms turn off rapidly when you begin to breathe only as much as you need for the level of activity. Once good breathing becomes a habit your body will naturally maintain increased comfort and better health.

If you have a chronic condition such as emphysema, although we can’t get rid of lung scarring, you can get MUCH better use of the lungs you have, boosting oxygen levels, and calming stress and tension.

Are you healthy and want even more stamina, a clearer mind, better athletic results, and to be a good role model to your family, colleagues and community?

Gaining more oxygen with less effort increases stamina, range of movement, puts you into a flow state and reduces injuries.

And of course if you’re a wellness professional of any kind – medical, complementary, in the fitness industry, a carer – having a deep understanding of this work will help you thrive as you help others, and you will be able to use the core elements with your clients.
There’s no downside to breathing well! The cumulative benefit of good breathing is massive.

As an ex-asthmatic who got her life back, literally, by changing my breathing habits, I’m passionate about helping you breathe in a way that is what YOUR body wants and needs to function well. I have spent years refining a gentle toolkit combining the clinically proven Buteyko Breathing Method with relaxation and awareness techniques. I also had to overcome trauma and other issues, so I have advanced training in NLP, hypnosis, Reiki, EFT and numerous other skills in my tool box, and have been using them all with clients and students for about 20 years.


Sessions via Zoom call with Jen can be done 1-1 or as a family. Usually they last about an hour, but can adapted to suit you.

We start by getting a base-line of how YOU are breathing with a thorough assessment.  You will come to understand the biomechanics of how you’re breathing, (muscle use, speed, what changes with various activities, what is available to be improved on.) We explore what YOU want to achieve, and set some practical goals. Once we know what you need, a personal programme is developed.

You will learn simple but powerful exercises tailored to what you need, and are able use at the level you are now, that are adjusted as you improve.
The core aim to achieve habitual breathing that is low, slow and through the nose, only as much as you need for the level of activity. Sitting in a chair breathing as if you’re running a race, or vice versa, is not healthy!

We’ll work on breathing at rest, while speaking, walking, climbing stairs, for specific gym exercises and sporting requirements.

Generally it’s useful to include practical processes for deeper relaxation, mindset and in my coaching/therapist role I can also help your explore relevant lifestyle issues such as diet, exercise, work/life balance, relationships and any history that is still impacting your life. Those may be a longer term process which you can continue you’ve reached your breathing goals.

The flexible nature of the sessions allows time for dealing with any underlying tension, emotional issues etc that could be contributing to poor breathing. Most clients with conditions such as asthma find between 4 and 6 x 1 hour sessions within a couple of weeks makes a massive difference in symptoms and energy levels. Measured oxygen levels, lung function etc will improve. Eg: someone needing 4 puffs of reliever spray each day for asthma will usually not require any by the end of the sessions. Naturally prescribed preventers especially cortisone based need to be managed by the individual’s medical team.

After that, booster sessions, perhaps just half an hour once or twice a month, are available if needed, perhaps to adjust around increased activity levels, or for someone with a chronic conditions that needs to be managed such as emphysema, simply to have support. There are also classes available once you’ve got the basics.

Please note that I can teach you, but you’re doing the breathing, so you need to practice until healthy breathing becomes your body’s new normal!  

As well as the sessions you’ll get a comprehensive resource pack – manual, videos, guided visualisations and more, plus the ability to ask questions via email, facebook or linkedin throughout the journey.

Programmes are tailored to you, so there is not a flat fee, but generally range from

If you’ve had enough of living with these issues, and are ready to take action, please book a free consultation and we can explore options. Click on this link https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=19183246&appointmentType=16913482