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Have you noticed that many people live as if ‘now’ isn’t exactly real?  As if there’s no power in it?

Don’t get me wrong, looking forward with hope can be of value, preparing sensibly for the future is useful, recognising unhealthy patterns from the past gives the opportunity to change them. However many people will focus on past events in a way that causes them to blame their present emotions on what has gone before, and block them from changing the patterns. Others look to the future but assume something will magically arrive to fix things, so when the future becomes now, nothing has actually changed. Others fear something and live in a state of distress long before it arrives, or even if it never does.

Whatever is happening in your now, then you can choose to focus on what is worthwhile in the present. Even in grief, or pain, there can be joy, or peace, or connection – there is always something of value. Only in the ‘now’ can you plan and take action to set up for the best possible future.  If you’d like help to shift your focus, and work on creating a better now as well as a better future, please get in touch. 

Love, light and laughter,

Jen Tiller
Founder of Healerzone.
UK +44 (0)1462 624 160

Life Begins Now

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