Welcome to my world! Here’s some background.

After 35 years of life-limiting, and sometimes life-threatening health issues including chronic bronchial asthma, panic attacks, agoraphobia, PTSD, and being labelled by the health professionals as ‘allergic to the 20th Century’, I finally found a way to reverse the downward spiral. Now in my late 50s, I have been blessed to enjoy many years as an ex-asthmatic, ex-agoraphobic, ex-scaredy-cat. I’m also free of the endless sprays, steroids and various other medications that I needed but were themselves a source of numerous side-effects.

While I was living with the issues I mentioned, I was also raising my lovely daughter, teaching piano, reading endlessly, and even winning an inventor’s award for a series of books, games and activity packs for my music students. I thought I’d done really well, considering….

It was a long climb out of daily terror and distress, but thanks to NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Hypnosis, Buteyko Breathing (which turned my asthma around and my meds off in just weeks with my GP’s approval and support), Reiki, and various other modalities, I recovered. In fact, since I had not been well since a few weeks of age, it’s more that I discovered my ability to be well. Not perfect perhaps, but increasingly functional, relaxed, capable, and energetic.

The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn, so I trained in almost everything that had helped me to heal. By the late 1990s I was working with a corporate training company, Added Value Training, often co-running stress management or communication skills workshops.

And when I moved from Australia to England in 2000 with my new (second) husband, I discovered a new love – providing therapy and coaching to individuals. I still ran workshops for businesses, colleges and entrepreneurs of all kinds. Over time, a high percentage of the people I was helping were also my peers – therapists, healers, coaches, and trainers.

My core focus, then and now, is giving people gentle, effective short-cuts to well-being, and personal skills to enhance every aspect of their work and life. The things that I had so desperately needed and had to get from dozens of different sources.

These days I have advanced training in NLP, EFT, Reiki, Buteyko Breathing and a range of other modalities. Through bringing these skills together, I have also developed my own processes for supporting well-being.

I love creating new courses and programmes, tailoring everything I do my clients. Whether I work with people in person, via video call, or through my books and art work, I love seeing people shift from struggling to thriving!

Remember, you don’t have to feel bad, to want to feel better!

Love, light and laughter,
Jen Tiller

Pic is me giving Reiki to the lovely Athena, a 17-year-old Jaguar. As you can see, she is looking blissful as she leans in (ok, so am I). I figure if I can help a jaguar relax, I’m probably doing something right!

This is me in my volunteer role at the Cat Survival Trust. CST provides a sanctuary for big and wild cats in Hertfordshire UK, where I give member tours, fund-raise, and give Reiki to the cats. CST also owns and runs a 10,000 acre rainforest reserve with research centre for environmental work of all kinds, in Misiones province, Argentina.