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Effective, natural ways to overcome anxiety, asthma, phobias, low confidence, traumas.
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Jentler Ways to wellness interactive group classes. Includes optimal breathing to boost the immune system & keep you calm. Just £5

Self-nurturing Resource kit

Download: 2 Inspirational e-books
3 Guided visualisations
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Book your free consultation with Jen Tiller and explore how you can feel better, as you make a difference.
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               RESULTS FOR – what resonates with you?

  • People in struggle mode, who are ready to heal (age 5+ 
    Their issues may include asthma, low energy, lacking confidence, bullying, stress,
    phobias, trauma, physical/emotional pain, poor boundaries.  And yes, I have a guarantee.
    Get something really worthwhile out of each session – eg: more calm, confidence, comfort,
     – or the next session will be free!  
  • People ready to grow and shine,  for example, creating healthy relationships,
    giving presentations or at job interviews, performance arts, sports, exams
  • Pro-active business leaders and entrepreneurs passionate about being great role-models and
    empowering staff to be confident, relaxed, and healthy 
  • Wellness practitioners of all modalities – medical, esoteric, complementary, coaches
    etc who want support, training, and mentoring to help them thrive as they give.
    (No, this is not about marketing, although your personal presence will show up more
    wherever you go!)

    If it’s outside my remit (for example nutritional advice or chiropractic work)
    I have a team of experts I am happy to refer you to.